Plain and simple – paying rent is a bummer for many college students across the U.S. Because rent is often a new expense for college students, and because the income of young adults tends to be inconsistent during the college years, it’s essential for students to know what exactly their rent money is paying for and whether the price they are expected to pay makes sense given the amenities and location of the property. In this article, we will explain the price breakdown of BMOC, Inc., Inc. properties so that as a renter (or a parent of a renter) you can have more peace of mind about where your money is headed.

Fully Furnished, Utilities Included

You may have heard these buzzwords mentioned during your apartment search, at BMOC, Inc. we offer fully furnished apartments, and almost all, if not all, utilities are included in the price of rent. This means that before moving into your new apartment you won’t have to search for furniture, and you won’t have to worry about running large items into and out of your place. Also, you won’t have to handle the regular utility bills required of usual tenants, or about splitting the price of these bills with your roommates. While this may bump the baseline rent price up slightly compared to other properties, we’ve found that it can often be much cheaper for renters to pay for utilities this way, than to pay with a use-based method.

In our experience, we’ve found that students have a much less stressful time moving into and out of our units when they are fully furnished and include utilities in a single rent payment.

Individual Leases

A lease is a legal binding document that protects the rights of both the landlord and the renter. On and around college campuses many leasing companies require tenants to sign a shared lease (joint and several), meaning that all renters of a property sign the same contract. Under a shared lease, if your roommate violates the lease, you can be held monetarily responsible. For example, if your roommate fails to pay their rent for three straight months, you and the remainder of your roommates would be required to pay the amount he or she owes.

At BMOC, Inc., however, we offer “individual leases.” Under the terms of an individual lease, you are not held accountable for the rent of your roommates. Though it comes as a risk to us and may add a few dollars a month to your rent, we’ve found that individual leases provide financial security for our renters and often reduces conflict between roommates.

Amazing Amenities

In addition to the above perks included in BMOC, Inc.’s rent, we offer a range of important amenities for our tenants. First and foremost, our units are accessible only by key fobs given to residents. In addition, our properties have on-site cameras.

Most of our buildings include study rooms, fitness centers, and laundry access. Some even include car and bike parking. These make your living space diverse, and allow you to accomplish your daily tasks without a significant commute, which can help during busy semesters.

What’s more, our buildings are sure to be a fun time! We offer monthly residential events such as grocery bingo, movie nights, and much more. We often have tenants from all across the globe, so it’s the perfect opportunity to expand your social network. With amenities like game rooms and outdoor spaces, you’ll have plenty of room to socialize and gather with your new friends.

We hope this article helped to highlight where your rent at BMOC, Inc. properties goes, as well as the benefits you will receive while living at a BMOC, Inc. property. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to help!