Student Housing Management

BMOC, Inc., was founded in 1984 to serve the fraternities of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The inability of “house” boards and their undergraduate constituents to properly manage their assets and financial obligations put several houses at risk for survival. BMOC’s founding goal was to offer business acumen and economic tutelage to this struggling sector of student housing. Most of the affected organizations survived and BMOC has received national exposure and accolades for its efforts.

In the years since 1984, BMOC has continually expanded its purview to include, in addition to fraternities; student apartments, private student housing complexes and coops. It’s success is based on the premise that in addition to the requirements of managing conventional real estate, the student housing manager must anticipate and be responsive to the unique needs of late adolescents and young adults living away from home for the first time.

Philosophically, BMOC, as the housing manager, recognizes and responds to three audiences, the student resident, their parents and the college or university. Maximizing the residential life experience of the student, being responsive to the concerns of the parent(s) and coordinating a role for the affiliated institution of higher education, turns out to be a very good formula for business success and customer satisfaction.

The key to the operational success of this philosophy is ongoing market research structured to our individual housing communities. We are constantly updating our managers and staff on enrollment trends, enrollment patterns university support resources as well as conventional issues like rental rates and collection procedures. There will always be the unexpected where student housing is concerned. BMOC by virtue of its experience and its ongoing awareness of the student culture strives to solve problems before they occur.

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