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What do Property Managers do?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Property managers have a wide range of responsibilities, but what all does that entail?


Property managers are often responsible for collecting and managing work orders and necessary maintenance for the building. This may include getting quotes from outside vendors and scheduling large repairs, as well as delegating maintenance staff to issues.


Property managers are also in charge of leasing activities such as showing units to potential residents, conducting screenings, doing lease signings, enforcing leases, and filing for evictions. Throughout the leasing process, the property manager is responsible for answering questions and communicating all information to future residents. They may also have additional staff to facilitate this process.


Property managers must work closely with owners and other staff members to stay on budget and ensure that the building is profitable. They are responsible for meeting goals, collecting rent, and ensuring all charges are accurate.


Property managers are often in charge of making sure the building is up-to-date and well taken care of. This can also include the planning and execution of capital projects as well as small improvements to ensure residents are happy.


Property managers cover a wide array of duties that are not limited to this list. Each property and set of owners will require unique tasks to be preformed to ensure the success of a community. The size of the team, building, location, and budget can all play into the duties that a property manager is responsible for on a daily basis.

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