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Resident Event Ideas

Resident events are vital in making a housing complex feel more like a home. Residents don't always get the opportunity to meet, and have fun together-- so planning events is perfect for initiating just that!

At BMOC, we strive to plan at least 1 resident event per month at our properties to keep each community engaged.

Struggling to think of ideas to enrich your resident community? Here is a list of a few ideas to get you started!

  • Charity Events

    • Do an activity such as writing cards or crafting blankets that can be donated

  • Passive Programs

    • Try something easy for residents like guessing the amount of 'something' in a jar on your front desk! Winner gets a prize.

  • Seasonal Events

    • Painting pumpkins, watching a holiday movie, or hosting a door decoration competition are all great ways to celebrate the season!

  • Outdoor Events

    • If you have the space-- use it! Outdoor events like kickball or a grill out can be a great way to invite residents and their friends to your property.

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