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The Best Model Unit

What makes a model unit great? Let's walk through it.


A potential residents experience can make or break their first impression of a property. Having an upbeat, well informed leasing agent is the first step in ensuring that a potential resident never leaves with unanswered questions. Having clear signage, welcoming space, and dedicated parking are additional ways to make sure their experience is as smooth as possible.


The layout of a model unit is critical. Potential residents should be able to envision themselves in the space, so it should be laid out as a functional unit. The model unit should also be easily toured, so beware of any tight spaces or thick carpets that may not be accessible for all visitors.

Interior Design

The overall design and decorations in a model unit should enhance the unit itself without overpowering it. The model unit should match the community branding-- so stick to colors, textures, patterns, and an overall style that will carry throughout your building. The model should also appeal to a wide array of residents, so keep that in mind when purchasing décor.

5 Senses

Utilizing lighting, scents, music, and refreshments can all add to the experience of touring a model unit. Add multiple sources of light to create a warm, welcoming environment. Choose subtle scents that spark a sense of comfort without being overwhelming. Play soft, inviting music that is easily spoken over and not distracting. Fill the fridge will refreshments like bottled water and snacks.


Adding small signage within the model unit can allow for potential residents to navigate it on their own while still gaining insight about the community and the unit itself. This can be especially helpful for smaller units and within bedrooms or bathrooms that a leasing agent would not enter with the individual.

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